Staffing Services

Direct hire. Temp-to-hire. Custom engagements.

What’s Your Competitive Advantage?

Your business is unique, from its strengths to its challenges.

Employment Professionals Canada believes your staffing solutions should be equally unique.

We bring the newest and boldest staffing strategies to your business.

Knowing the marketplace is our strength. Understanding your business is our priority. Partnering with EPC will connect you to your competitive advantage.

Direct Hire Recruiting Services

Professional Recruitment Services that lets you focus on your business.

Whatever your workforce needs are, we can work together to create a staffing plan that is right for your business. Whether you need one person or many, we deliver. With access to one of the biggest databases, we can get the right people for the right job today.

Temporary And Temp-To-Hire Staffing Services

Need an extra hand on a special project? Not sure if you are ready to commit to a permanent hire? We can find a talented, hardworking candidate for you right away!


We will take care of everything else from government remittances, to tracking their hours, depositing their cheques, and providing clear communication. All you need to do is let us know if they are the right fit for your company. At the end of the trial period, choose to bring that person aboard permanently, or part ways amicably.


It’s that simple.

Blended Workforce Solutions (BWS)
A mixture of processes that work for you with a specific strategic outcome in mind and workforce flexibility.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
Working in partnership with your team as a full 360◦ outsourced provider from recruitment to training and development.
Managed Services Provider (MSP)
We deliver solutions that are not only flexible and accessible but also cost-effective through customized technology-rich strategies. Providing your team with full reports that enable them to assess current trends, potential operation objectives and future needs.
Contingent Workforce Services (CWS)

EPC assists you in achieving positive results by coordinating your workforce efforts with supplementary contract or contingency staffing. We can provide qualified professionals of all employment categories to supplement your organizational growth.

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