Losing Talent at the Last Minute? How to Close the Deal Efficiently

You are ready to bring talent on board. The one thing that is holding your organization back: losing talent in the final stage of the hiring process.

Why Are You Losing Talent at the Last Minute (and How to Avoid This Problem)

You need to put your best foot forward throughout the hiring cycle. Otherwise, if your organization cannot show a candidate why he or she should join your team, you risk alienating this individual. Worst of all, you risk losing a quality candidate to industry rivals — something that can put you behind your competitors.

Ultimately, you need a plan to close the deal with top talent as efficiently as possible. As part of this plan, you should:

1. Promote Transparency

Don’t leave candidates in the dark. Instead, maintain open lines of communication throughout the hiring process. Keep candidates up to date as they move through this process and be ready to quickly respond to their concerns and questions.

Transparency builds trust with candidates. Regardless of whether you hire a candidate, he or she is likely to feel good about an organization that devotes the time, energy, and resources to remain in constant contact with him or her throughout the hiring process. As such, transparency can help your organization stand out to candidates.

2. Learn About Candidates’ Career Aspirations

Encourage candidates to share details about their career goals. This gives you insights into how a candidate’s aspirations align with your organization’s immediate and long-term goals. Plus, it lets you see if a candidate may be a good fit for your organization now and in the future.

Once a candidate shares their goals, you can use them to promote your organization to him or her, too. For instance, if a candidate wants to pursue a leadership role in the future, you can provide insights into any training programs that your organization offers. This lets you show a candidate that your organization is committed to helping him or her achieve their career goals.

3. Prepare for Obstacles

Plan for the worst-case scenarios. That way, you can address any roadblocks that could force you to miss out on adding an exceptional candidate to your team.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle you need to plan for during the hiring process: competition from industry rivals. Remember, top talent is in high demand, so you may face steep competition for outstanding candidates. If a great candidate receives a counter-offer from an industry rival, you should find out what you can do to get this individual to join your organization. If you can bridge the gap with a terrific candidate, you can hire this individual and keep him or her away from a competitor.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

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