Special Notice to Job Seekers. Click Here.

We have been notified that an individual or organization is using our company name to send out fake offers of employment that request access to your bank account.

At Employment Professionals Canada, we never charge a job seeker a fee.

If you receive an email offering you a job and requesting banking information, DO NOT REPLY. You can report the scammer to the RCMP using this link.

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Protect Yourself from Employment Scams!

Employment Professionals Canada has recently learned of a phishing scam being perpetrated on job seekers using our company name and Thorold location address.

This is not a genuine employment offer.

  • We never charge candidates for services
  • We will not request your bank information
  • We do not use bitcoin under any circumstances

No reputable employment firm in Canada would request any of this information.

Protect yourself and your information with these tips from the RCMP:

  • If you receive funds for any reason from an unknown individual or company and you are asked to forward it elsewhere – DON’T! Chances are you are dealing with a scammer.
  • Be aware of offers of employment from what appears to be a legitimate employer; they will place ads looking for a “Financial Officer.” This usually involves collecting payments for the new employer and forwarding the money to a different country.
  • Be mindful where you post your resume; scammers use legitimate websites to seek out victims.
  • A legitimate employer will never send funds and request a portion of it back.
  • Do your research. A simple search on the internet can save you thousands of dollars.
  • Beware of unsolicited text messages offering employment.

At Employment Professionals Canada, we are committed to your long-term success, and are here to help you reach your career goals. Don’t fall prey to dishonest individuals or organizations who are in the business of committing fraudulent acts for financial gain.

Report the Scammer to the RCMP here or call us directly at (905) 871-2627 for additional information.